Producing Creative and Effective Corrugated Packaging Products Since 1978.

  • Slotted Cartons

    Slotted Cartons

    Palmetto Packaging offers a full range of slotted containers engineered to securely accomodate your products for delivery to your customers. Simply choose the size and shape, and add custom branding for instant customer recognition.
  • Corrugated and Foam Build-up Assemblies

    Corrugated and Foam Build-up Assemblies

    Get enhanced stability and protection for your products with custom corrugated and foam build-up assemblies. Our pack-outs prevent movement during transport, safely cushioning delicate merchandise, and are a preferred solution for automotive and aerospace industry packaging assemblies.
  • Engineered Packaging

    Engineered Packaging

    Ensure the integrity of your products with custom engineered corrugated packaging solutions for enhanced durability, reduced waste, and lower costs. Why settle for "one size fits all" when you can have a tailored solution for your business?
  • Display and Point of Purchase Packaging

    Display and Point of Purchase Packaging

    Palmetto packaging uses the latest technology to design and produce innovative point of purchase (POP) packaging that is durable and attractive, catching the eye of customers for greater sales.
  • Industrial Bulk Packaging

    Industrial Bulk Packaging

    Domestic and International Export Packs
    Avoid the headache of damaged bulk orders with industrial bulk packaging provided by Palmetto Packaging. Our corrugated bulk products are top quality and offer the durabilty you need to protect your products in transit.

Palmetto Packaging Corporation is an independently owned corrugated sheet plant with 40 years of industry experience providing quality corrugated packaging solutions to customers throughout the southeast.  From initial design and manufacturing to storage and distribution, we have you covered every step of the way, all while providing exemplary customer service. For a reputable, customer centric partner that provides quick turnarounds on quality products, choose Palmetto Packaging for all your corrugated packaging needs.

How are we different from other corrugated suppliers?

Service Oriented

We strive to supply quality corrugated products with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Quick Turnaround

Our average lead time from order submission to completion is 5 days, and we offer 2-3 day deliveries and next day delivery when needed.

Reputable Partner

We have worked to establish ourselves as a trusted supplier in the industry, and have been honored with multiple awards for our services.

Corrugated offers an environmentally responsible solution for your company.
Our products are made from natural, renewable resources and are recyclable.

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