Palmetto Packaging offers partners a broad spectrum of standard and customized corrugated packaging solutions to meet their needs when it comes to warehousing, shipping, and displaying products.  We are committed to providing superior products in a timely fashion so that you can focus on what matters most - expanding your business.

Die Cuts

Custom tailor your corrugated packaging to your product’s specifications with die cuts for efficient storage, safe handling, and secure transport to your customers.

Digital Printing

Partner with Palmetto Packaging to handle your large and small digital print media projects in addition to your company’s packaging solutions.


Depend on durable and reliable packaging provided by Palmetto Packaging for product storage and distribution across multiple industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, educational, food and wine, and more .

Litho Label

Display your company’s branding and related graphics with high quality laminate on your retail packaging for instant customer recognition when they see your products in store.


Improve stability and protection for your products during shipment with assembly pack-outs reinforced with foam or wood laminates for added cushioning. We specialize in providing automotive and aerospace industry packaging assemblies.


Choose from a large variety of retail packaging options to protect your merchandise during warehousing and shipment, as well as promote sales and raise brand awareness.

Slotted Cartons

Pick from a wide range of plain and custom printed corrugated slotted containers for safely warehousing and shipping your products to customers, domestic and foreign.

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